Our achievements

In our over century of history we’ve achieved a lot for our members, and we continue to advocate on the issues that matter to you to this day. 

Recently, we stood together with unions across our movement to stop the government from stripping workers from vital rights following Brexit, and campaign for a new deal for self-employed workers. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke, we joined our sister unions in campaigning and winning a furlough support scheme for workers – ensuring millions of workers have income during an unprecedented health and economic crisis, and fought hard for an income support scheme for the self-employed. 

Our historic wins

  • The introduction of the pension protection fund 
  • Brought in minimum standards for the betting industry
  • The extension of maternity leave  
  • We fought for the future of our steel industry 
  • Played a key role in the introduction of the National Minimum Wage 
  • We fought for blind people’s rights 
  • One of the founders of the Labour Party
  • Defeated fire-and-rehire at Clarks

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