As a member organisation, it’s vital that we understand the real issues affecting all of you; from the big problems that touch us all, to industry and company specific challenges. We understand the political system and know how to create tangible change through active campaigning. If there is an issue affecting you or your community, please add your voice to help us make a difference.

Stand up for a safer justice sector

We want to secure a safer justice and custodial sector for everyone. Working with our senior workplace reps in the sector we’ve developed a Safe Operating Solutions charter. We believe these should be the minimum standards under which staff should be expected to work.

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Is there something important you think we should be working towards?

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Safer Betting Shops

Betting shop workers should not be subject to verbal and physical abuse at work. Community gives a voice to the UK’s betting shop workers.

Safer Justice Sector

Serious assaults on justice and custodial staff are rapidly increasing. We want to create a safer justice sector for staff and prisoners.

Save Our Steel

Community is running a major national campaign seeking support for the UK steel industry. ‘Save our Steel’ is a campaign that brings together union members, community groups & local businesses from across the country.