We are the UK’s self-employed

Too many people across the UK don’t understand what it means to be self-employed. From our sectors and jobs, our hours and pay, to the support we need. These are our stories.

The self-employed spotlight

The self-employed workforce is a broad church from all walks of life. From accountants to bouncy castle makers, we represent them all. Get to know some of our members below.

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We’re campaigning for a new deal for the self-employed and we need your help! This is how you can get involved:

Step 1: Sign our petition
We’re asking for:
  • The introduction of a safety net by introducing sick pay and paid parental leave to the self employed
  • The extension of, and stronger, health and safety rights and protections at work
  • Changes to Universal Credit and the pensions system so they work for the self employed
  • A new Commissioner for the self-employed in government
  • The redrawing of the definitions of self-employment to be more inclusive

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2. Check out our wider policy work
Our self-employed members shape our policy and lobbying work. You can find out more about our self-employed section here, and our policy work here.
3. Join Community
We are a campaigning union, bringing together our members to form a strong collective voice that campaigns for change and wins. You can join us here.

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We want to share more stories of the UK’s self-employed workforce, and make sure all of our different experiences and voices are heard.

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