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We’re bringing together thousands of workers from across the UK to help create a better working world. Whether you’re working in the steel industry, education and early years, a care worker, self-employed or in any other job, we’re striving to make your experiences at work better. Our mission is to give you more rights, more access to government resources, better pay and more respect at work – you name, it we’re working on it!

Why is Community the right union for you?

Help and support

We have a member service centre with legal advisors dedicated to supporting you with any question you have or any help you may need. 

Better workplaces

We secure fair treatment and fair pay through individual and collective representation, working with employers to get the best deal for you.


Our Community Learn team are on hand to help you up-skill or train for a new job.

Exclusive savings

We offer a range of member exclusive savings. Making the most of these can save you more than the cost of your monthly membership. 

A strong voice

The bigger we are, the stronger our voice is. We use that voice to keep the conversation on the issues that matter most to you.

There has never been a more important time than to be a member of Community.

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We're always in our member's corner

“After being out for 7 weeks with work related stress I no longer felt able to continue with the job I loved. I contacted Community for help and was represented throughout. The union official was reassuring, professional and had a wealth of knowledge and experience. I feel confident knowing you are there when I need you.”
- Community member
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Do you have insurance on your car, home and phone? Making sure the things you care about are protected against unknown risks is important.

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