We are proud of the diversity of our membership. We represent and welcome members and their families across all industries, sectors and regions of the UK. Equality is at the core of our mission to create a better working world.

Our equalities groups are made up of:

We organise with these groups because we know discrimination still exists at work and in society. If you identify with one of the above groups, you are likely to be paid less, more likely to be harassed and less likely to be promoted. When bad times hit, these groups of people are the ones most likely to be affected. That’s why equality work is so important to trade unions and goes to the heart of our purpose.

We campaign by working with employers nationally and at a local branch level to represent members’ needs, negotiate reasonable adjustments and advise members on issues of importance. This happens through national officers, regional teams and local branch equalities reps. Together, we are delivering a more equal and fairer world of work. 

You can see our equalities resources and best practice hub here.

Equalities Reps

Community workplace equality reps advise the branch on equalities issues and support members from under-represented groups. As the main part of their role they raise awareness on discrimination and equalities issues, map workplaces to ensure the branch is representative of all employees and carry out equalities surveys.

They promote best practice on all policies and agreements including equality schemes, keep members informed on equalities issues, help negotiate for policies and practices/monitor their effectiveness and ensure equalities issues remain on the agenda. Find out more about becoming an equalities rep here.

Find out more about why you should join Community here.

If you would like to get involved in future training and events, please get in touch at equalities@community-tu.org


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