In your community

Community believes that everyone can change the world around them, and we want people to take greater control of their neighbourhoods, building strong communities to create real, lasting change.

In your community is about bringing people together to find solutions to important local issues. We want to help members like you become a pillar of your community by giving you support and resources. That means:

Creating a network of community organisers – enabling you to learn from each other, play a part and give back.

Collaborating through access to union spaces that provide a range of facilities for the public.

Mobilising people to get involved, break down barriers and drive change.

Transforming ideologies – helping you understand the power you have to change your community.

Regional charity fund

Our regional charity fund helps our members and branches support local causes that matter to their communities.

Regional charity fund

Get involved

We want you get involved and join hundreds of people who want to make real, lasting change in their communities. We are just getting started, but together we can make a better tomorrow.

Get involved

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Do you have insurance on your car, home and phone? Making sure the things you care about are protected against unknown risks is important.

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