We want to deliver a more equal and fairer world of work. We want Community to be a union where everyone feels welcome. Our equalities activity helps us to do this.

To view our strategy for equalities, just click here.

We are proud of the diversity of our membership. We represent and welcome members and their families across all industries, sectors and regions of the UK. Striving for equality and fairness for our members at work and in wider society is at the heart of what we do.

Yet this doesn’t come without challenges. The landscape of work in the UK is changing and the challenge for trade unions to stay relevant is as urgent now as ever. More women are entering the workforce, younger workers expect to work flexibly and in new forms of employment, technology is changing the nature of work. If we don’t modernise, identify and develop future leaders; if we look visibly and significantly different from our membership and the wider workforce then we risk losing effectiveness, relevance and purpose.

We know we’ll need to test new ways of working and engagement to reach beyond our traditional membership and learn from what does or does not work.

Key to creating this change for our members is the work of equalities at every level of the union. Equalities issues are not something that belong only to people who define into underrepresented groups. They are workplace issues that affect everyone.

Whether negotiating for equal pay and reasonable adjustments or representing members in a discrimination case or a sexual harassment complaint, we will support local activity through new specialised training, national support and high-quality resources.

We’ll develop our national voice for those who often go unheard, to create change that benefits our members and people at work.

We’ll lead by example as an employer, nurturing diverse talent to better deliver for members.

We’ll gather better data on our members so we can increase diversity within our structures, develop future leaders and reps who reflect the world around us, and amplify the voices of under-represented groups.

But all this is not something we can do individually. It’s a plan for how every one of us can work collectively, no matter where your workplace is or to which sector you belong, to create a more equal and fairer world of work.


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