Menopause at work

We are campaigning for better support for members going through the menopause. With women living and staying in work for longer, menopause has become a workplace issue and many of our members are going through menopause themselves. With one in four women experiencing menopause, this is a trade union issue. With the right support in place, menopause can be managed and those suffering with it can be supported.

We know that many of our members who are going through menopause at work experience high levels of anxiety and depression. They told us that they are feeling unable to talk to line managers or colleagues about what they were experiencing. Women felt they were unsupported, pushed out of work, unable to access training or promotion opportunities.

You can read more here about why it is important to have a menopause policy in place and here for the difference that it can make.

Download our digital guide on the menopause that covers how it affects women and what the law says.

Our roundtable with Carolyn Harris MP on the #MenopauseRevolution:

Community Organiser, Jennifer Dean in conversation with Carolyn Harris MP and Community members about menopause in the workplace.

Securing better provisions for people going through the menopause at work starts with ensuring that each workplace has a menopause strategy in place. We are calling on workplaces to:

  • Agree to tweak workplace policies such as uniform to help deal with hot flushes.
  • Support for lifestyle changes to support members suffering with anxiety or depression through their menopause.

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