Take action to save legislation tackling sexual harassment

Community has been campaigning for reforms to vital sexual harassment law for many years, and in 2021, the Government promised to introduce a preventative duty and reintroduce third party liability in response to a consultation from the Government Equalities Office.

Community was delighted when The Worker Protection Bill introduced by Wera Hobhouse, and supported by our campaigning work, passed the second reading in the House of Lords, seemingly on its way to becoming law.

But despite the Government’s commitments to support this in the Commons, the Bill is now in danger. Today (2 May 2023) Community, other unions and women’s groups have written a joint letter warning the government not to abandon this essential legislation on workplace sexual harassment. You can read the letter here.

Now we need your help to save it.

This Bill intends to create a duty for employers to prevent sexual harassment from occurring at work, as well as requiring them to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment from third parties e.g. clients or customers.

The introduction of this Bill will also mean that employers will have to introduce vital policies and reporting procedures, as well as training for their employees on sexual harassment.

“Half of working women experience workplace sexual harassment and it is even higher for LGBT+, disabled, and Black women, but these figures are likely just the tip of the iceberg as 79% of women do not report their experiences.”

Write to your MP today to express your support for the Bill and help us to tackle sexual harassment at work

We need you support to ensure that Government realises the importance of the The Worker Protection Bill and to affirm their commitment to the changes it will bring about. Write to your MP today (it takes less than a minute) and show your support in saving vital legislation that protects women from sexual harassment at work.

Write to your MP today

Community is a member of the “It’s not working alliance”, which was formed following the TUC report “Still Just a Bit of Banter”. The alliance is made up of more than 20 trade unions, charities and women’s rights organisations, who campaign together for changes to legislation to prevent and tackle sexual harassment at work. 

If you are experiencing sexual harassment at work, we are here to help. Contact our friendly team in confidence here, or speak to our Equalities team at equalities@community-tu.org.

Further information

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at help@community-tu.org or on 0800 389 6332.

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