Janet Sarsfield is awarded the Equality & Diversity Award

Being a Community Representative is close to my heart – I’ve always loved helping people and hate injustice, bullying and a lack of knowledge in my workplace. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t aware of their legal rights at work, and I see it as my responsibility to ensure that they aren’t taken advantage of. Whether that is sharing good working practices, representing my colleagues, or bringing our employer and management to task on pay and conditions, I will do anything in my power as a trade union representative.

As an Equalities Rep, I am passionate about making my workplace equal for everyone and will always strive to bring issues faced by underrepresented groups to the forefront of discussions, especially the plights of older women in the workplace.

That’s why I have been especially proactive in Community’s menopause at work campaign and worked to not only raise awareness of this issue, but also to get a menopause policy put in place at my workplace.

A photograph of Community Trade Union Representative, Janet Sarsfield, holding the Equality & Diversity Award at the Rep Awards.

Pictured: Janet Sarsfield holding her Equality & Diversity Award.

I will always say that trade union representatives are the backbone of their union, not only because we act as a link between employees, employers, and unions, but also because of the passion and drive we have to make a difference in anyone’s life – no matter how big or small that may be. By harmonising relations between employees and employers, we’re able to have frank and honest discussions from both sides which in turn builds trust and a positive working relationship.

A massive thank you to everyone who nominated me for the first ever Equality & Diversity Award. It means so much that the work that I am doing is having such a positive impact. If you’re having trouble at work, I would always recommend speaking to your trade union rep, or becoming a trade union rep if you are passionate about making a difference in your workplace, your union, or your sector.

Here’s what Janet’s members had to say about her:

“Janet has worked tirelessly as an equality rep and makes a difference to her members in everything she does.”

“Janet has been pushing for women’s rights in her workplace. She made it clear that body armour was not working for women, and advocated on behalf of female employees, to address real problems with body armour when it was universally introduced to the workplace.”

“Janet continues to battle a very big organisation on a daily basis, she makes working life safer and easier for everyone working there.”

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Janet is one of our amazing Equalities Representatives who fight daily to make workplaces across the UK safer and equal for everyone. If you are passionate about equalities and fighting for better rights and representation of underrepresented groups, join our team of equalities reps today.

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