Our Labour Campaign Network

Community recognises that we must organise to win for Labour – locally and nationally.

We believe in supporting our members where they live as well as where they work, so our Labour Campaign Network is key to delivering for our members and their communities.

Being a Labour Campaign Network member means you get all the great benefits of trade union membership, as well as being part of our winning campaigning network.

Campaigning with you

Community has a strong political network and section of the union, and we know that successful campaigns need targeted resources. That’s why a significant part of the contribution paid by Labour Campaign Network members is dedicated to supporting and developing Community’s political campaigning work. This includes:

  • Menopause friendly workplaces: There are over 3.5 million menopausal women working across the UK – the fastest growing section of the UK workforce. As a trade union, we refuse to accept a reality where workers going through the menopause are not receiving the support they deserve.
  • Supporting British industry: We run sector based campaigns to support our members at work and ensure the future of their industries. For example, we’re asking our Labour activists to lobby their local authorities to sign up to the UK Steel Charter, and play a role in securing the future of Britain’s steel industry.
  • End fire and rehire: We believe every worker deserves job security and that the despicable practice of fire and rehire takes away that security. We fought fire and rehire when our members faced it at Clarks shoes and won. Now we want the government to ban it completely.

Supporting you at work

By joining Community as a Labour Campaign Network member, you also receive the benefits of a trade union membership. This includes:

  • Advice and representation: Community members have access to teams of people across the UK in your corner and ready to help. From our dedicated members service centre to our regional teams and local reps.
  • Legal support: We know that dealing with legal matters and issues can be complicated and stressful. Community members can rest easy in the knowledge that professional legal advice is available as part of the membership package
  • Learning opportunities: Education is key to succeeding at work and beyond. That’s why we have an in-house education team that are based around the UK, dedicated to ensuring our members have access to learning, training and development opportunities.

Supporting you as a Labour member

  • Networking opportunities: We have thousands of Labour members across the country who are all working together for a Labour government. You’ll have lots of opportunities to meet each other and build your networks.
  • Running for political office: We support our members to run for political office all across the country. Check out our pages on local Councillors, Members of Parliament, Members of the Scottish Parliament and Assembly Members to find out more.
  • In your local Party: As a Labour member you can be a brilliant advocate for Community in your local Party. We’ll support you to be active in your local Party with suggested motions and more!

Find out more about our political work here, and how we can support you as an individual here.

If you’re not yet a member, you can join today here.

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