Community in local government

We are proud to have a strong, diverse group of members who represent their local areas as councillors.

Stand to be a councillor

By getting involved in local government, you can make a huge difference to the lives of people in your community. This can be a demanding and difficult task that changes people’s lives, but being able to represent your local community is a huge privilege.

We actively encourage our members to stand for local government because we know just how important your voice is to your community.

I’m running for local government. Can Community support me?

Yes, we have a dedicated politics team who are on-hand to support any members who are actively running for their local councils. If you are looking to run and would like support for your campaign, you can contact the team at

We have also developed a guide about the positive impact that you can make in local government.

Find out more

For updates on our political work follow Community Politics on Twitter on @CommPolitics.

We also have hundreds of representatives in local government and in Westminster, Sennedd and Holyrood. To find out more about how you can represent Community on a local or national level, contact our political team at


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