Third sector workers

Community has a rapidly growing membership within the third sector. Thousands of people working for charities, not for profit organisations, community organisations, social enterprises and other third sector organisations have taken the decision to be a part of our union.

Our approach in the third sector aims to foster good relationships between organisations and their employees, and to work in partnership with good employers to improve working practices across the sector. It is this approach that has drawn many people to us.

We know that in the third sector, workers are sometimes required to go beyond the call of duty to serve their cause. Workers in the third sector are often driven by a desire for social justice or to help people experiencing the most difficult times. We want to make sure that those working in the third sector are appreciated and that their rights at work are safeguarded.

Our collective strength in the third sector continues to grow as organisations of varying sizes have taken the next step and signed recognition agreements with the union. This means that through the union, their workforce are able to come together and constructively engage with the organisation when it comes to pay as well as terms and conditions.

From the brave people on the front line – to the vital back-office support staff, fundraisers, marketing and administrative staff. We are proud to support those working in the third sector. We’re fighting for a better working world, and we want you to join us.

Find out more information about why you should join Community here.

If you want to work with us to secure a collective agreement at your workplace, find out more about our support for those working in the third sector, or talk to us about working with your organisation to take the next step and secure a strong collective voice at your workplace, please contact us at


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