Our Early Years Charter  

A photograph of Letita McCalla, Abena Oppong-Asare MP and Helen Osgood at the Early Years Charter launch.

On 6 June 2023, Community is launching its Early Years Charter in Westminster.

The Charter – which is based on what our members have told us are their main concerns – sets out the key changes we would like the government to implement for our members and the workforce overall.

Our Charter will campaign for:

  • recognition that early years staff and nannies are educators not babysitters; 
  • recognition of the specialised work that early years staff and nannies undertake;
  • increased funding for early years settings that adequately covers the cost of provision;
  • improved wages for staff in recognition of the specialised work they do and to support recruitment and retention into the sector;
  • raising the profile of nannies and other early years professionals to address the recruitment and retention crisis; and
  • streamlined professional development opportunities for staff.

From speaking with members, we know these are the main issues that need to be addressed for them to feel valued and respected, and to stay in the sector and continue to develop their professional careers.

Your voice has been heard and, with this Charter, we intend to put pressure on the government to implement these crucial changes.

How you can get involved

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