Your third sector steering committee

We were delighted to have recently held our first third sector steering committee. The steering committee is made up of a range of our third sector membership, from those working in charities to those in community businesses and social enterprises.  

We used the meeting to discuss the wide-ranging issues faced by workers across the sector and what we can do as a collective of third sector workers to make things better. The challenges in the sector include: 

  • hybrid working and the difficulties that presents to individual costs and to union organising;  
  • charity boards of trustees that are not always favourable of trade union membership; 
  • a pay culture where workers feel they shouldn’t ask for better pay and conditions; 
  • the lack of the Real Living Wage and good working conditions; 
  • the increased use of fixed-term contracts and agency staff; 
  • the cost-of-living crisis and the impact on organisations and individuals;  
  • overworking and lack of capacity; and 
  • ongoing issues with organisations struggling to recruit staff. 

Over recent years and months, Community has supported a number of members and organisations through some of these challenges on a case-by-case basis. The growth of our third sector membership means we can now take this one step further through our sector committee. The space will allow for the crucial sharing of best practice from a local level as well as the coordination of national cross-sector campaigning activity.  

The range of experiences in the sector makes the work of the committee even more important so we can all better understand what is happening on the ground and work together on long-term solutions. It will be our focus over coming months to harness our growing membership and voice to secure real change for every third sector worker.  

You can see the third sector steering committee members here.

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