Roy Rickhuss joins Money and Mental Health Commission

Earlier this year, Community General Secretary, Roy Rickhuss CBE, was asked to join the Money and Mental Health Commission, established by the Money and Mental Health Institute.

The Commission will concentrate on the labour market and the social security system and the impact of these on mental health. It will produce a series of recommendations for central and local governments as well as employers to improve the living standards of people experiencing mental health problems.

Roy Rickhuss CBE, General Secretary of Community, said:

“We know that people with mental health problems are far more likely to struggle financially. We also know that some of the common symptoms of mental health problems including impulsivity, low motivation and trouble concentrating, can make it harder to earn and manage money.”

“Too many people – both those in work, and out of work – aren’t getting the support they need from Government or their employers. That has to change. We need to work harder as a country to create a society in which everyone’s mental health can flourish and where everyone has financial security.”

“I’m delighted to be joining the Commission to continue Community’s work in tackling these issues and ensuring better support for people with mental health problems.”

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute is a research charity, established in 2016 by Martin Lewis. You can find out more about the Institute here.

Community has been campaigning for better mental health in the workplace and beyond for years. You can find out more about our campaign here.

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