New recognition agreement in Enfield!

We are very pleased to have signed a recognition agreement with DHL Supply Chain – Patient Transport Services in Enfield.

The recognition agreement will now allow Community to negotiate on pay, holidays and hours as well as providing assistance and services to their members.  The agreement also allows consultation on a wide range of additional issues and contains a firm commitment to maintain constructive and effective relationships between union and employer.

Ted Purcell, National Organiser for the trade union Community, says:

“We are delighted to have the team at DHL Supply Chain in Enfield join the Community family.

At the Enfield site, they provide vital support with patient transportation for the National Health Service. During the pandemic, they provided indispensable work to keep vital services running.

We’re proud to now be the recognised union at DHL Supply Chain, and look forward to working with the company in a positive and productive way and supporting the workers during this difficult economic period.”

DHL is a Deutsche Post DHL brand with a vision to become “the logistics company for the world”. In the Supply Chain division, DHL provides warehousing, managed transport and value-added services at every link in the supply chain ensuring a smooth logistics flow.

Ian Ford from DHL says:

“Here in Ponders End on the Patient Transport Service contract we are delighted to have finally forged a partnership with the Union ‘Community’. We believe this partnership will help to improve two-way communication, and will be vital if we are to grow our business in the Hospital Logistics arena and take our pride of place in the largest provider of logistics services in the world.”

Having a recognition agreement allows Community to bargain on behalf of employees on things like pay and terms and conditions. It can also make the union stronger in the workplace as union Reps would be entitled to time off to complete their duties.

For more information on recognition agreements and how to secure them for your workplace, click here.

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

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