Community membership awards

At Community, we have a range of awards for long-serving members.

30/40-year membership

Badges for 30 years’ continuous membership and 40 years’ continuous membership are granted upon application to the awards team by a nominee’s branch and must be supported by the relevant Regional Secretary.

To apply for any of these awards for members of your branch who qualify, please apply below or contact the awards team at

Member Awards Form:

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50-year membership

Badges for 50 years’ continuous membership will be circulated from the awards team into Regional Secretaries.

The regions will then present the award to members in their branches or at regional forums. If you have any questions about this award, please contact your regional office.

60+ years’ membership

To honour a 60 or 70 years’ continuous membership, a gift on behalf of the General Secretary will be available to mark the member’s service.

Your regional office will inform the General Secretary of 60 and 70 years’ membership service.

The Community Members’ Shield

This award is available to all members of Community, and is available at the discretion of the NEC. The Shield is for those members that have given service to the union as a Lay Official, as a Full-Time Officer, or as a member of the National Executive. Service will be recognised from all union incorporated into Community.

The criteria are:

i) Service on the Community NEC, which must include re-election.

ii) Those members who, in the opinion of the NEC, have been especially active and rendered Meritorious Service. The member must have served at least 15 active years as an official of the union, subject to a minimum membership qualification of 20 years.

iii) Those members that hold office as an elected Branch Official for 10 accumulative years, subject to a minimum membership qualification of 20 years. This Shield would have inscribed on it ‘Branch Officer’.

Applications for the Community Members’ Shield will only be considered on the recommendation of the nominee’s branch, and all applications must be supported by the relevant Regional Secretary.

To apply, branches must write to the Regional Secretary who will make a decision on whether to support the application, and forward endorsed applications to the awards team at

Applications should include the membership details of the person being nominated and a brief summary of why the branch believes the member qualifies for an award, i.e. length of service, a list of offices held (complete with dates), and details of how the member has otherwise enhanced the good name of the union.

Community Representative Awards

At Community, we celebrate the dedication of our Reps. That’s why we’ve created Community Awards to recognise the vital work that Representatives do within workplaces and their sector at both local and national levels, and to celebrate their dedication to making our members’ workplaces and lives better.

Community invites you to nominate your Reps or volunteers that have made a difference to you and your colleagues.

Find out more about the Community Rep Awards


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