Community Representative Awards

At Community, we celebrate the dedication of our Reps. That’s why we’ve created Community Awards to recognise the vital work that Representatives do within workplaces and their sector at both local and national levels, and to celebrate their dedication to making our members’ workplaces and lives better.

Community invites you to nominate your Reps or volunteers* that have made a difference to you and your colleagues. The Community Rep awards are:

How do I nominate a Rep?

When nominations are open, just click above on the award you would like to nominate a rep for and let us know why they should receive it. Nominations for 2023 are now closed.

Want to become a Community Rep?

Being a Community Rep is rewarding as you not only create better workplaces, you also learn skills that are transferrable to your professional life.

You can find out more about our different Rep roles and how to get involved with the union here.

If you have any queries about Rep Awards or are interested in learning more about becoming a Community Rep, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

*Members of the Community National Executive (NEC) are not eligible to be nominated for any of the Community Representative Awards.


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