Labour frontbench visit to British Steel Scunthorpe

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Business and Industry Bill Esterson MP visited British Steel in Scunthorpe this week to meet staff, workers and trade unions to discuss the future of the UK steel industry, and Labour’s plan to rebuild the UK’s domestic steel sector.

Bill Esterson MP was joined on the visit by Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Scunthorpe, Nic Dakin, for a meeting with workers and Community reps to discuss the challenges workers and the industry currently faces.

In June, Labour Leader Keir Starmer, Shadow Secretary of State of Climate Change and Net Zero, Ed Milliband and parliamentary candidate Nic Dakin visited the steelworks, where Keir Starmer pledged to rebuild Britain’s industrial strength through investment alongside the steel industry in the latest green technologies and innovation.

The Labour Party has outlined its long-term plan to drive innovation in the steel sector. Labour will match fund investments in technologies including in hydrogen and electric arc furnace technology, to secure the vital UK industry, rebuild the UK’s industrial strength and turbocharge an expansion of skilled jobs.

Labour’s plans for cheap, clean home-grown power will also drive the long-term competitiveness for UK steel, driving down the energy bills that have blighted the competitiveness of British firms compared to European peers like France and Germany. The party says plans to boost generation of offshore wind, solar, nuclear, hydrogen will generate demands for millions of tonnes of UK steel.

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Business and Industry, Bill Esterson MP, said:

“Over the last 13 years, the Conservatives have allowed the UK to become a passive bystander. In sharp contrast, Labour’s long-term plan will drive the competitiveness of British firms compared to our Europeans peers.

“Labour understands how important steel is for economic growth and national security, and that the only way to secure jobs in the future is by partnering with industry to invest in green steel.”


Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Scunthorpe, Nic Dakin, said:

“Steel is the backbone of our industry here in Scunthorpe, and it has been abandoned by the Conservatives. Labour has a plan to ensure that the UK has a robust domestic steel sector once again, so that we can power the high skilled, high paid green jobs of the future.”


Alun Davies, Community Union’s National Officer for Steel, said:

“Labour’s commitment to our steel industry has been clear. They’ve worked tirelessly with Community Union to develop policies that will make real and lasting change for our steel industry.

“Their long-term economic plan will deliver reforms that will modernise and strengthen our steel industry moving forwards, protecting existing skilled jobs, and generating more within a rejuvenated steel industry.

“Britain needs its steel for its economy and its communities, and steel needs Labour’s economic plan.”


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