Struggling financially? Stay with us and we can help

We’re sorry you’re thinking about leaving us!

We know that times can be challenging, and your finances can be impacted by things outside of your control. We are committed to ensuring that being a member of Community is possible whatever your financial situation because we know how important union membership is to ensuring protection and security in the workplace and when you’re job hunting. 

Your membership contributions vary depending on your annual income, with a lower cost for those on lower or no income. We also offer discounted membership for those whose income has recently changed.

If times are really tough, your membership can grant you access to our hardship fund. You can find out more about the fund by emailing us at

Our discounts and savings benefit means you can make savings on everyday necessities and you should be able to recoup the cost of your membership by making the most of these. 

Our LifeChange benefit also accrues over the lifetime of your membership and pays out at key moments of your life. If you leave the union, you can no longer access that pot of support. 

We offer lots of advice for people who are struggling financially too – check out our latest guidance on dealing with debt.

We hope we’ve persuaded you of how important it is to retain your membership and how we can support you through this difficult time. Re-join Community here.

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