Our Lifechange benefit was created to give members a little extra to help at key moments in life. The LifeChange benefit accrues the longer you stay with Community. Working members accrue £200 each year for the first six years of membership, and £20 per year thereafter.

There are three key life change benefits: 

  • Bereavement benefit – 50% of your account on the death of your spouse/partner or child under the age of 18 and 100% of your account to your next of kin in the event of your death
  • Accident related injury benefit – draw 100% of your account if you lose your job through injury or 500% of your account if it’s a serious injury
  • 65th birthday bonus – claim 10% of your account to help mark this milestone occasion

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If you’ve been a member for a while already, then you’ve built up an amount in your individual LifeChange ‘account’ and your LifeChange benefit will still be there for you as long as you retain your membership.

Working members: Accrue £200 each year for the first 6 years of membership, and £20 each year thereafter. (So if you’ve been a working member for 5 years you already have a total of £1,000, or £1,380 if you’ve been a working member for 15 years, or £1,580 for 25 years membership).

Retired members: As a retired member this benefit continues to accrue at £20 per year and is still available as long as you continue your membership. If you leave the union, the benefit is lost.

Unemployed members: If you become unemployed during your first six years of membership, you will continue to accrue £20 per year whilst you are not working. As soon as you let us know about any new employment, you can continue to accrue this benefit at the normal rate.

If you join as a non-working member, you will be entitled to a £200 flat rate after one year, and the regular rate will commence after you’ve found employment and alerted the membership team.

You don’t need to do anything now, you’re already building up the benefit just by being a member of Community.

For an application form, which also contains all terms & conditions, click below: 

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All of Community’s benefits and services, including the LifeChange benefit, are only available to paying members of the union.

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