It’s all about teamwork

In our working lives, we are all part of a team. Even if we work from home or are self-employed, we all need the expertise or specialist skills of others to support us.

When someone says ‘school’, you might say ‘teacher’; when someone says hard hat and overalls, you might say ‘steelworks’.  But what does the ‘finance worker’ you are thinking of look like and what’s their background?  When you hear ‘AA’, do you see a patrol person in a van?

In 30 years’ time, what will an office, charity or factory worker, or a prison custody officer, look like, and what skills will they need?

These roles are fundamental to those workplaces, but the teams those workers are part of are often wider than those on the outside looking in realise. They often only see the ‘public facing’ team members, not all those working behind the scenes to make an organisation function smoothly – the technicians, accountants, caretaking, catering and site staff, call handlers…

Take a look at the July issues of our sector magazines, where:

  • Your voice in education and early years celebrates the whole team working in education and early years, and, alongside Your voice in light industries, focuses on closing the skills gap, looking at how education should open doors to worlds that people never knew existed – to jobs that might not yet exist – and give learners skills to succeed in whatever field they might follow;
  • Your voice in finance examines the issue of socio-economic diversity in recruiting the finance staff of the future;
  • Your voice in justice and custodial looks at how we can all nurture and improve our wellbeing;
  • Your voice in logistics focuses on a ‘day in the life’ of two of our AA Reps – both outdoor patrol and indoor call centre;
  • Your voice in steel and metals looks back at how steel communities from across the UK came together for our recent march in London and meetings with MPs and the Labour leader Keir Starmer; and
  • Your voice in the third sector takes as its theme the working lives of the members who volunteer their time to support their fellow members.

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