Child benefit

A new addition to the family is always a cause for celebration. Our ‘baby bonus’ scheme gives members a £50 bonus on the birth or adoption of a new child – it’s our way of saying congratulations.

If you already have a child, and they under the age of 16, you can register them with us. They will then receive birthday cards and gift vouchers at key stages of their childhood, such as when they first start school. 

How to apply:

* The small print

  • For members who have transferred from other unions, rules apply regarding eligibility of children born or adopted before the relevant transfer date (it depends on your industry!). Our advisors will be able to let you know if this applies to you.
  • To receive the ‘baby bonus’ you must have been a member of Community for at least 12 months prior to your child’s birth or adoption date.
  • All of Community’s benefits and services, including the child benefit, are only available to paying members of the union.

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