Full pay secured for key workers at GeoAmey

As a result of the coronavirus and resulting lockdown, those working for GeoAmey in Prison Escorts had their working days reduced to between two to three days a week. Despite this reduction in hours, Community negotiated for full pay for key workers at GeoAmey for the lockdown period.

Steve Farrell, Regional Secretary, said:

“The men and women who work within the prisoner escort contract for GeoAmey within Scotland work hard to protect the public, sometimes putting themselves in harm’s way. Although the company were taking necessary steps to mitigate the additional risks caused by the coronavirus crisis, the nature of the crisis made it impossible to ensure there was no risk to their health. However, knowing the risks involved, this group of key workers kept going to work, knowing their vital role in keeping the public safe.”

“We were delighted to be able to work constructively with GeoAmey to secure a full wage for those workers.”

Gavin Redmond, GeoAmey Account Director – Scotland, said:

“It has been important to GEOAmey that Community contributed to our management of the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically on officer related matters. Through regular local dialogue and inclusion into our Crisis Management Team meetings, Community have been able to assist in ensuring our officers continue to attend work and carry out their duties in safety, even amongst the complexities of shielding, self-isolating, and dealing with suspected and confirmed COVID cases.

A key area where we have been able to work ‘hand in glove’ is the procurement, distribution and compliance standards of PPE, and we thank them for their contribution in this area in particular, given officer safety is our paramount consideration. In addition, the pragmatic support regarding necessary changes to our operating procedures and service requirements with our Criminal Justice partners during these unprecedented times has resulted in constructive dialogue with meaningful outcomes. It is a relationship that has strengthened through adversity and is highly valued.”

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