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Community is more than just a membership

David Fiddler
28th November 2018

“Community were there for me when I needed them most…”

Members of Community are often in need of support with employment issues such as contracts, pay, terms and conditions, disciplinary and grievance procedures, working hours and entitlements, and our network of Community reps are on hand to provide support where needed.  And for members in non-recognised workplaces, our Service Centre advice team is here to help.

But Community membership doesn’t stop at workplace support and representation.  Members are able to access a wide range of benefits and services, designed to assist both inside and outside the workplace.

Benevolent fund

Community’s benevolent fund is available to assist members who are experiencing financial difficulties, often through an unexpected change in circumstances such as ill-health or loss of employment.

Jane, a Community member from the South-West, recently suffered a period of ill-health, and was unable to pay her rent and utility bills.  Community’s benevolent fund was able to assist with a donation towards Jane’s regular payments, which helped her until she was able to return to work.

After receiving the donation, Jane said ‘I was so grateful to Community for helping me while I was off work.  I live alone and had nobody to turn to for support.  With the help of Community I was able to keep my head above water and concentrate on my recovery.  They were there for me when I needed them most.’


Members using services

Members are taking advantage of our services every single day


Higher education bursary

Community’s higher education bursary is available to members and their children during their first year of university or college, and is designed to relieve some of the financial pressure which students often encounter when they set off for university.

Olivia recently started university and was able to apply for a bursary through her father’s membership with Community.  A bursary was granted to Olivia which she used towards the cost of her student accommodation.

After receiving the bursary, Olivia said ‘I was surprised how expensive my accommodation costs were.  I took out a student loan and my family helped, but even that wasn’t enough to cover my accommodation and all the equipment I needed for my course.  I used Community’s bursary to help pay for my accommodation and I can now concentrate on my studies, knowing that it’s paid for the first year.  I’m really grateful to the union for helping me, and so far, I’m doing well at university.’


Legal services

Community’s legal services are also far reaching and include, among other things, personal injury support for members and their immediate family, wills, family law advice, conveyancing and probate issues.

John from Scotland suffered injuries to his leg when he fell through a broken drain cover.  Community provided John with access to legal support through their network of panel lawyers, and with professional support and representation John secured compensation for his injuries and the earnings he lost while he was injured.

After the case was concluded, John said ‘I was really impressed with the advice and support I received.  I could have gone to a high street lawyer, but they would have taken some of my compensation towards their costs.  Using Community’s lawyers gave me peace of mind and I received 100% of my compensation.  I would definitely recommend this benefit, they fought for me all the way and were on hand to answer all my questions’.


Helping hand

Sometimes just lending an ear is the biggest benefit we offer to our members


These are just some of the benefits and services which are available to Community members.  Other benefits include our Convalescent Home Benefit which provides a period of rest and recuperation to members who have suffered serious ill-health or injury; our Child Benefit which celebrates the birth or adoption of members’ children and supports them on their journey into adulthood; and our Community Offers platform which provides members with access to a wide range of exclusive offers and discounts.

Click here to find out more about Community’s range of benefits and services.

Community members are taking advantage of our wide ranging benefits and services everyday. You can join Community now by clicking here.