Community members mark menopause awareness day

Last week Community members across the UK marked menopause awareness day in different workplaces across the country. We wanted to highlight just one of those stories, of our members at HMP Peterborough who partnered with their employer, Sodexo to raise awareness on the day.

Working together, they organised a number of activities to spread awareness. A stall was set up to engage with colleagues, where they had informative leaflets and were equipped to answer questions and have an informed discussion on the menopause, its effect on workers and the workplace.

Following the lead of Community, the organisation also ran a webinar with Henpicked who they are looking to partner with for more in depth training for staff in the future.

The day was a great success but members at HMP Peterborough say it was just the start of an ongoing campaign of education and involvement for all employees. They are now in the process of establishing a number of different support groups for employees to be able to share experiences, coping strategies, education and knowledge.

The support groups will also lead on an ongoing project plan for how they can continue to both raise awareness of the menopause and ensure that they have the best policies and practices in place to support those who are experiencing the menopause.

Find out more about Henpicked here.

To access all of our resource on the menopause including a model policy for your workplace, click here.

For any questions or if you are looking to do work around the menopause in your workplace, contact us at

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