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At Community, we believe in supporting you throughout your career. Whether you’re just starting or have a few decades under your belt, we see it as our job to be there for you every step of the way.

For young workers, we want to be there to give you that kick start as you enter the working world. In 2022, this has never been more vital.

Trade union membership among young workers (aged 20–29) is 14.1 per cent, falling by almost half to 7.5 per cent in the private sector – where the vast majority of young workers in the UK work. Young people are the least likely to be in a union, despite having the most to gain from union membership.

Young workers and their career prospects were hit particularly hard by the pandemic. A TUC analysis showed that more young workers were made redundant during summer 2020 than in all of 2019. During the pandemic, the unemployment rate for BME young workers has increased more than twice as fast as the unemployment rate for young white workers.

It is unions that can help kickstart the careers of younger workers. Whether this is through apprenticeshipsskills trainingequalities work or collective organising. When young workers are unionised they are happier, earn more and have better working conditions.

If you’re further on in your career, we are here to help you continually broaden your skillset, or retrain if you want to move industries.

Since our partnership with Skills Academy began in March 2020, over 750 online courses have been completed. These cover a wide range of areas including mental health first aid, digital skills, sign language and much much more. The diverse courses range from short 10-minute micro-learning video lessons to 40-hour full courses. All courses are CPD approved, with new courses regularly added. Find out more about these courses here.

If you have been impacted by redundancy we have a range of advice and support to help you get back into work and your career back on track. We increase your chances of getting another job by improving your skills, qualifications and therefore your employability. We also campaign for learning agreements in our recognised workplaces, to ensure that our members are continually improving their skills and can advance in their career.

From just starting out to moving industries to getting back into the job market, we will all at some point in our career need that little bit of support. That’s where Community comes in – in your corner when you need us. 

This Careers Week, talk to a friend about why trade union membership is so important.

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

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