A future for young workers

As we start to find our way back to normality from the stresses of the pandemic, it’s useful to reflect on what we have learnt and experienced to see how we can build a better working world for the future.

Many young workers like myself have found ourselves in very challenging circumstances. With rates of redundancy and furloughing being significantly higher for young workers, we have faced great difficulties in our working lives as well as the severe detriment the pandemic has brought upon our personal lives.

Being a young worker during this pandemic has brought not only worries about our current financial stability, but also worries for the future and how long these difficulties may last.

The long-term economic effects of the pandemic are still largely unknown, but it is almost certain that the young workers will face the brunt of what is yet to come.

I’ve seen people my age not only worry about their family’s health, but how they would continue survive with the looming threat of redundancies. The trend of fire-and-rehire has become more popular now than any time during in my working life, as businesses utilise the pandemic to try and boost profits at the expense of workers.

We must continue to push against this. We need collective action.

With lots of young people now not knowing where to turn for help, more and more are beginning to realise that the collective action of a trade union is what they need for a more stable future.

For us to rebuild our world of work to be a stronger more stable place we need to unionise.

Unionised workers are happier, earn more and have better working conditions.

Without proper consultation with the workforce, businesses will continue to lose sight of what matters: supporting their biggest asset. As the future of the working world, young workers need support now. We need support with our jobs, our skills and our futures.

The role of a trade union is to support those working across the country and to help pave the way for a better, more stable future for us all. It is important that as young workers we take that small step to make a big change.

So, join me and many others in becoming a member of Community today. We can look forward to a brighter, better future together.

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at help@community-tu.org or on 0800 389 6332.

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