Your skills, your future

As trade unionists we have an opportunity to ensure workers can not only identify their skills and any gaps in those skills, but also that you have the power, support and opportunities to develop. 

We know that prior to the pandemic, employers were facing skills shortages and that across the UK we faced a mismatch between the skills workers held and the skills needed to succeed at work. The nature of work, and careers, are changing fast. Skills are the new currency in work and will be critical if we are to successfully revive our economy.

We want to empower members to take ownership of your skills and be able to confidently recognise the skills you currently have, and don’t have, in work and beyond. 

As part of Community’s campaign around ensuring our members and the wider workforce have the skills they need to succeed in the future, Community’s research team recorded a podcast talking about the future of skills. You can listen here.

Skills assessment

Skills are an important part of everyone’s careers – whether you are wanting to develop your skills in a field that you already know, or are looking to learn something new, we can help identify those gaps through our skills assessment.

If you’re a Community member, no matter where you work or what you do, make sure you get involved and take your skills assessment to identify and take ownership of your skills. Access your skills assessment here.

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