Why you should vote Labour today

Today millions of people will go to their polling stations to vote in their local elections.

More than 4,350 seats will be contested in England on over 140 councils, with all of Scotland’s 32 councils and all 22 councils in Wales also holding elections. In Northern Ireland, voters will be choosing 90 members of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Find out if there’s an election near you and where you can vote here.

These may be the most important local council elections in years, the first national opportunity to give a verdict on the current government. Here’s why it’s so important that if you’re able to that you vote today, and why I think you should vote Labour:

Send a message to the Government

As well as influencing the future of your local area, the elections today also offer you the opportunity to send a message to the Government. After more than a decade in power, the Tories are to blame for this the cost-of-living crisis, for low wages and for underfunding our vital public services. Take action today and show the Tories what you think about how they are running the country.

Your council matters!

Local government elections may lack the glamour or drama of general elections, but they still have a major impact on your life. Councillors can decide your council tax, apportion spending and decide on projects in your local area. Who you vote for today will shape yours and your neighbours lives for the next four years.

Labour are on your side

We are in a cost-of-living crisis. People across the country are working hard, paying more, but getting less. On top of this, Conservative councils cost their residents an average of £330 more than Labour councils.

Labour has a plan to introduce a windfall tax on oil and gas profits and to scrap the National Insurance rise to improve your financial security. The Conservatives have shown that they can’t be trusted in power – Labour elected representatives are the ones that will be there for workers and families across the country.

Polling stations are open until 10pm. If your area is up, be sure to get out and vote Labour today.

The new law on voter ID has not yet taken affect. You are not required to take identification with you to vote.

To find out if your council is voting today, see here: https://iwillvote.org.uk/

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