Climate change

Climate change is going to affect workers, their communities and our whole country for generations. 

It’s important that we get this right – that we meet our climate targets and protect our planet whilst also protecting jobs and livelihoods. The changes we make and our transition to a low carbon future must be fair and just. 

Industries must be supported to adapt, and our climate goals cannot come at the expense of highly skilled jobs. The deindustrialisation of the eighties and nineties was carried out brutally, and without thought for the communities it would impact. As a result, many of those communities are still feeling the impact – with high unemployment and lower quality work as well as the social and cultural results. 

At Community we believe there is another way; a future where our climate goals are met by partnership working between government, employers and unions as the voice of working people. 

Take a look at ‘Building a greener future: for jobs, for communities, for our planet’ to learn more about our position on tackling climate change. 

You can read our report on a just transition below too.