Faith workers

Community is a modern trade union, supporting workers in all sectors to fight for a better working world. We have an active group of faith workers as part of our membership, from a broad range of religions and disciplines. 

Community’s specific faith workers branch understands your calling to serve and your individual situation. We will never ask you to take any action which is injurious to your faith. We understand your need to be there for others during important and sometimes challenging times, and we want to be there to support you too.

We’re ecumenical and multi-faith so whatever your faith tradition, you are welcome to join. Whether you’re teaching in a Synagogue, a Church Minister, or Imam or in any other faith based work, we’re striving to make your experiences at work better. 

We’re fighting for a better working world, and we want you to join us.

Watch this video from Secretary of the Branch Chris Wilson to learn more.

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