Teresa Bottomley

Seat held: Education and Early Years sector representative

Teresa joined Community’s National Executive in 2021. She is Vice President of the Education and Early Years sector of Community, known as Voice Community. She currently teaches children with special needs part time in a primary school.

Teresa joined the Professional Association of Teachers, (now Voice Community), in 1976, because her mum was a member and was inspired by a local activist. During a recruitment drive to set up a network of Student Representatives, Teresa joined the Student Executive Committee as the representative for her teacher training college. She also became an active member of the local Federation.

Over 40 years later, Teresa continues to be an active Committee member of her local Federation. She is also a member of the English Executive Committee, which is one of the vital links that enables its members to discuss issues that only pertain to the English Education System, just like its counterparts for the other three devolved nations.

Teresa teaches children with special needs part time in a primary school.

As a new National Executive Committee representative for the Education and Early Years sector within Community, Teresa continues to be passionate about supporting our members in the field of education.


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