A promising future for Britain

We welcome the vision Keir Starmer set out today, and see it as the first step in a promising future for Britain.

Millions of people are currently being left without support, or with minimal support, during this pandemic. This has left many struggling for nearly a year. Keir set out that a Labour budget next month would end the pay freeze for key workers, extend and update furlough scheme and provide vital investment in skills, technology and British manufacturing – that is the budget this country needs.

Above all, we strongly agree with Keir that “you shouldn’t have to leave your home town to get a good job.” For too long, regions have been decimated by jobs vanishing with no replacements and no plan. For too long, young people have been told that if they want to have a bright future they have to move to an inner city. Everyone is entitled to work that is well paid, with good conditions and is fulfilling – and they shouldn’t have to uproot their lives to achieve this.

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