Victory on steel safeguards

The government has announced that they have reversed course on the removal of Britain’s steel safeguards.

Roy Rickhuss CBE, General Secretary of Community, says:

“The Government has done the right thing and acted on the serious concerns that have been repeatedly raised by unions, employers and steel MPs. Extending more of the steel safeguards means this threat to jobs has receded, but the trade defence system needs urgent reform to make it work for our industry and our country.

We are encouraged that this Government has demonstrated they are prepared to act decisively and back our steelworkers, but they must do a lot more if they want to see a strong and sustainable steel industry. For years our steelworkers have been competing on a playing field that is not level, with our Government failing to use taxpayer-funded contracts to support steel jobs, and where we pay twice as much for electricity as our EU competitors.

We know with the right framework of support our industry has a bright future at the core of a low carbon economy, but we need Government to believe in us and unlock our potential. Going forward as we rebuild our economy, invest billions in infrastructure and host COP26, this is the year we must see game-changing interventions that will secure our industry for generations to come.”

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