University reforms will hit disadvantaged and impose lifetime of debt

Commenting on the proposed reforms to the higher education system in England, Helen Osgood, National Officer with Voice Community – Community union’s education section – said:

“We are deeply concerned that these proposals would place a lifetime’s burden of debt on students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“Graduates who enter socially beneficial, but less well paid, careers like teaching and early years education would also suffer disproportionately, compared with better paid graduates who might be able to pay off their debt early.

“The proposed limit on the number of university places available in England, and the student loan qualification requirements would prevent many mature students and those with special educational needs from going to university.”

Voice Community will respond to the consultation.

Further information

Department for Education’s news release Fairer higher education system for students and taxpayers.

Department for Education’s Higher education policy statement and reform and consultation.

Higher and Further Education Minister Michelle Donelan speech’s on the Augar Review.

Post-18 review of education and funding: independent panel report (Augar review) 2019

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