Tried, tested and failed

The Chancellor’s mini budget is a re-hash of Thatcher’s tried, tested and failed policies from the 80s. It did not work then and it will not work now.

Serving a generous handout to bankers and wealthy Tory donors while punching down working people and their unions is not only cruel, but also a mistake.

It is only working people who can grow our economy. Our movement will fight these attacks and continue to stand strong with our members who deserve a fair deal.

British industries, in particular energy intensive industries such as steel, need to know the details of longer-term support with energy costs to get them through the winter and beyond, but have been left in the dark by the Government. What is clear is that the government’s energy package that will impact right across the economy from businesses to schools, must be more than just a sticking plaster. A long-term strategy is needed to ease the burden of this crisis for all industries.

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