Transgender awareness week

This Monday 14th November, Community stands in solidarity with our trans members to mark the start of Transgender Awareness Week.

Transgender Awareness Week is a week when transgender people and their allies take action to bring attention to the community by educating the public about who transgender people are, sharing stories and experiences, and advancing advocacy around the issues of prejudice, discrimination, and violence that affect the transgender community.

On Sunday 20th November – Transgender Day of Remembrance, we at Community remember and honour trans and gender-diverse people whose lives were taken from us. We must never forget that behind every name stands a life fully lived.

My thoughts are with those families around the world dealing with the loss of a loved one, a sibling, parent, partner or friend who’s life was cut short simply for identifying as trans or gender variant. To lose a life is tragic. To lose a life due to another’s prejudice and hatred is heartbreakingly cruel.

“To lose a life is tragic. To lose a life due to another’s prejudice and hatred is heartbreakingly cruel.”

We are a trade union, not just a support network, but I believe many of our trans members feel a little closer together as Community acknowledges the terrible losses in our community.

I ask you all to pause and bow your heads for a moment to remember. Let us all work together to be kinder to one another, to hold each other closer.

We must see beyond the perceived ‘gender norms’ and accept we are all unique and we can all live together.

If you face discrimination at work because you are trans or gender variant, then please speak to your union representative or call our Service Centre on 0800 389 6332 for support. Discrimination is against the law and Community is determined to end transphobia.

My thoughts, love, and support to all.

Stevie Banks-McGregor is Community’s national executive member representing the Union’s LGBT+ members.

If you are a member of Community and need advice or support, please contact our Service Centre at or on 0800 389 6332.

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