Teacher pay Wales update

Community is heartened to receive confirmation that Education Minister Jeremy Miles has come good on his promise to fund additional uplifts to teacher pay.  This is in addition to the recommendations accepted from September 2022.

Now that the Minister has received assurances that “full strike action would be paused until the end of the academic year or until meaningful discussions had ceased,” payments have been made to local authorities to pass on to teachers.  This payment is backdated to September 2022 and will cover all additional allowances, and employer National Insurance and pension contributions.

Following extensive negotiations with unions and the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), the Minister has agreed to the implementation of a revised teachers’ pay award for 2022/23, comprising a further 1.5% consolidated increase and a 1.5% non-consolidated payment.

This means that the starting salary for (M2) will now be £29,278.

According to the letter we have received, the Minister is keen for this payment to be received by teachers “at the earliest opportunity”, so do look out for it in your coming pay.

Further information

Welsh Government letter of 22 March 2023 and pay scales:

Pay Grant information (pdf)

Ymholiadau am y Grant Cyflog (pdf)

Welsh Government letter of 31 March – pay allocations:

School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document (STPC(W)D):

School teachers’ pay and conditions (Wales) document 2022: revised April 2023

Dogfen cyflog ac amodau athrawon ysgol (Cymru): 

Dogfen cyflog ac amodau athrawon ysgol (Cymru) 2022: diwygiedig Ebrill 2023 

Written Statement:

Written Statement: Teachers’ Pay Award 2022/23 (19 April 2023)

Datganiad Ysgrifenedig:

Datganiad Ysgrifenedig: Dyfarniad Cyflog Athrawon 2022/23 (19 Ebrill 2023)

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