Supporting my dad and me

In October 2021, I was advised that the business segment that I work in was going to be restructured. This meant that the whole department was put at risk, and we entered the legally mandated thirty day consultation period.

Having never been through something like that before, my initial feeling was one of fear, however, as part of this consultation period, my employer asked me to be the employee representative for my office in Manchester.

Whilst this was a difficult time for myself and others in my department, I found this role rewarding and used it as an opportunity to support colleagues, some of whom were finding things extremely stressful.

The consulting group was made up of frontline members of staff such as myself, HR, senior executives and union representatives.

I found the Community reps extremely helpful and understanding, which was a huge relief.

I was being bombarded with questions from colleagues on issues that I had never dealt with before, so they were a godsend for me.

At the time of the consultation I was not a union member. But following the consultation and what it involved, it made me think about it more deeply.

Community Union resonated with me from day one, due to a personal experience I had with them a few years earlier.

Back in 2017 my dad, a longstanding Community member, passed away quite suddenly. This was an extremely painful time for me and my family, and from the moment Community heard about this, they were unbelievably helpful and compassionate.

From legal help to financial support, my family and I could not thank them enough.

Following the support I received from Community at work, combined with my dad’s connection with the union, I decided to become more involved – not just as a member, but hopefully as a rep too at some point. I very much look forward to the future!

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

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