Stephen Lawrence Day 2021

Stephen Lawrence was a black British teenager who was murdered in an unprovoked racially motivated attack while waiting for a bus in Eltham on the evening of 22 April 1993.

His death and the subsequent police investigation raised serious issues about police practice, highlighting institutional racism within the police, and wider attitudes in this country.

In the wake of Stephen’s murder, activists drove forward anti-racism and equality reforms, changing the law, practice and attitudes. That is Stephen’s legacy.

We know there is further yet to go. Racial prejudice still exists in this country and everyday discrimination and harassment are still happening in our workplaces.

Community is working in partnership with Baroness Doreen Lawrence OBE, Stephen’s mother and a member of Community, to raise awareness and to help us all to take practical steps towards change, in Stephen’s memory.

Baroness Lawrence wants Stephen Lawrence Day to be about hope- as we all work together to build a fair and civilised society, free from discrimination. We invite you to take a moment to consider how you can take an active role in building an inclusive society for all.

Getting involved

We encourage everyone to get involved at some capacity, whether it is simply spreading awareness of the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation or ensuring that your workplace is supporting BAME workers. We would encourage anyone working in education and early years to take a proactive approach to discuss the issues surrounding racism and hate crime with the children that you’re responsible for.

Read more on our partnership here.

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

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