Statement on new national education bodies in Scotland

Commenting on the publication of Professor Ken Muir’s report, Putting Learners at the Centre: Towards a Future Vision for Scottish Education, (9 March 2022) and the Scottish Government’s response, Dougie Atkinson, Senior Professional Officer (Scotland) with Voice Community – Community union’s education section – said:

”I am pleased to see that the Scottish Government has accepted all of the recommendations in Ken Muir’s report, which will see the scrapping of Education Scotland and the SQA in their present forms.

“Voice Community gave evidence to Professor Muir as part of the review process, and many of our members told us how remote and how far from the reality in their classrooms these bodies had become.

“I also particularly welcome the better alignment of early learning settings with the wider education framework.

“We will continue to work with Scottish Government going forward so that we see real change in the way education is supported in Scotland, and not just some reshuffling of deckchairs.”

Further information (Scottish Government):

News release: New national education bodies 9 March 2022

Professor Ken Muir’s report – Putting Learners at the Centre: Towards a Future Vision for Scottish Education

Scottish Government response to Professor Muir’s report

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