Statement on General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland

Responding to news that Northern Ireland’s General Teaching Council is to be dissolved immediately due to ‘systemic failures’, Voice Community’s National Officer for Education and Early Years, Helen Osgood, commented:

“At a time of such upheaval for educators and disruption to the learning of children, to hear that the GTCNI will no longer fulfil its statutory function comes as a further blow.

“Whilst there have been rumours of its inadequacies for some time, it does leave a void for qualified individuals and for the Department of Education.

“We are pleased that arrangements are already being put in place to ensure GTCNI registration – a legal requirement for all Northern Ireland teachers – continues without interruption. This is important both to protect the interest of our members and for the safeguarding of the children with whom they work.

“Without registration, new teachers would not be able to enter the profession. We need a smooth system for entry into the profession, not further hurdles and confusion.”

“Whatever is instituted to replace the GTCNI, we must learn the lessons of this situation to be sure that whatever replacement system is put in place will not suffer from the same issues experienced by GTCNI.”

Further information (DENI):

Statement from the Education Minister on the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland

Ministerial Statement 13 December 2021

GTCNI Board Effectiveness Review – Executive Summary Report

Letter from Voice Community to Education Minister (pdf)

Reply from Education Minister (pdf)

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