Statement on face coverings in schools in England

Commenting on  the Prime Minister’s statement to the House of Commons on COVID-19 on 19 January 2022, Voice Community National Officer Helen Osgood said:

“The Prime Minister stated ‘there are some places where cases are likely to continue rising, including in primary schools. We’re therefore concerned that removing the requirement for masks in secondary schools and wider society is reckless and for political, not safety, reasons, given that the DfE had previously stated We will review the advice on face coverings on 26 January’.

“These mitigations are being removed while the Omicron variant is still widespread in society and, it seems, without any thought being given to how schools will maintain pupil and staff safety.

“Not all early years settings have received Co2 monitors yet.

“It is important that a health and safety review is taken in schools of air quality, and if there are issues with air quality, schools should have the support from the Government to be able to rectify it.

“Special schools have been issued with air purifiers, but there are not enough for all mainstream schools and they are yet to be despatched.

“Staff need to feel safe at work.”

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