Safer surfaces

It’s very important that we keep surfaces clean to stop the spread of the coronavirus. That’s because the virus spreads when you touch a surface and then touch your face. Surfaces like doorknobs, desks, and objects could be contaminated when someone coughs or sneezes.

Surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected to remove and kill any viruses. These measures should be used in addition to masks and social distancing measures, and hand hygiene.

Workplace action

PHE and the HSE recommend workplaces take the following steps which can help stop the spread the virus through contact with surfaces.

  • Frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly such as:
  • Door handles
  • Handrails
  • Chairs or arm rests
  • Communal eating areas
  • Sinks and toilet facilities.
  • Water coolers
  • Buttons, control panels and switches
  • Shared equipment
  • Phones and conferencing equipment
  • Lift buttons
  • Cleaning equipment and work areas between usage, especially if they are shared
  • Deep cleaning at least once a day (a thorough clean of all frequently touched surfaces)
  • Ensuring workspaces and belongings are cleared at the end of shifts.
  • Providing extra bins and recycling
  • Providing hand sanitiser in multiple locations
  • Providing handwashing facilities including at the entrance to canteens
  • Taking steps to reduce contact, such as placing limits usage of items like printers, reducing movement around the workplace, using automatic doors, or putting away spare equipment.
  • Limiting workstations to the smallest possible number of people- ideally workstations should be assigned to just one individual.

Action for you

To keep yourself safe you should:

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect your work area before and after use each day.
  • If you share equipment or desks are shared, clean these after each use.
  • Disinfect your hands at entrance & exits and in communal & work areas.
  • Keep surfaces clear so that they’re easier to clean
  • Follow workplace specific guidelines
  • Remember to follow guidance around handwashing, facemasks and social distancing as well.

Disinfectant standards

Did you know that not all disinfectants kill viruses? But disinfectants that are tested to the EN 14476 have been proven to kill viruses like the coronavirus.

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