Response to latest Chancellor announcement

Today the Chancellor announced changes to the Job Support Scheme and self-employed grant.

In response to the changes, Kate Dearden, Head of Research, Policy and External Relations at Community said:

“We welcome the changes to the Job Support Scheme announced by the Chancellor today. The slashing of employer contributions addresses one of the big flaws within the scheme, and is what we have been calling for. As the scheme is due to come into effect shortly many employers will already be in the process of making decisions about the future based on what they were initially told. However, with this last minute announcement in hand, we will be working to ensure employers utilise the improved scheme to protect jobs and livelihoods.”

“Increases to the self-employed grant are also welcome. However, we remain concerned that thousands of self-employed people are still not receiving support. Of our self-employed members, 50% were not eligible for support through the self-employed income support scheme and many of these continue to receive no income from government. The self-employed community have been crying out for additional support since the beginning of the pandemic and the Prime Minister said no one would be left behind. While there continue to be gaps in the scheme that mean thousands of people have received no support from government, these are just warm words.”

“Those who have missed out on support from government represent a significant population of our country and they will not forget being deserted. The changes to the Job Support Scheme and self-employed grant clearly show that government has the capacity and the ability to recognise it has not gone far enough and extend support. They must use this approach when considering those who are yet to receive support too.”

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