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Reasonable adjustments guidance launched

Lauren Crowley
Lauren Crowley
11th September 2020

A new way of working is here to stay. Companies across the economy are realising the benefits of working flexibly. For many businesses, productivity hasn’t gone down despite offices and workplaces being closed, and for some businesses, productivity has even gone up.

But businesses have had to adapt overnight, and this has meant a raft of different consequences for disabled workers. Workplace adjustments are critical for so many disabled people, and for those who had to work from home over recent months, people’s needs have changed. Some members have reported the positive impact increased flexible working and home working has had for their ability to access work effectively and productively. However some workers have reported issues around provision, access to equipment and assistive technology.

There is a need for many to review their reasonable adjustment agreements. That’s why today we are releasing guidance on reasonable adjustments. We hope that this will be useful for our members who are disabled, giving a view of your rights at work and an understanding of what you can expect from your employer.

This guide may also be useful for reps who are representing disabled members, or equalities reps, who want to make sure that their workplace is fair and accessible for all.

It’s essential that everyone is given the support that they need to do their job to the best of their ability and that employers don’t leave disabled workers by the wayside when adapting to the new world of work. And that includes offering flexible working as a reasonable adjustment to everyone who needs it.

Check out the resource here.

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Lauren Crowley is head of equalities for Community union.