Privacy policy

We know that keeping your personal data safe and secure is important to you – it’s important to us too. That’s why we’ve got security measures in place to ensure it’s kept safe and only used to get you the information and support that you want and need as part of your union membership.

Take a look at our privacy policy below to find out more:

Community processes your personal data as part of our activities in providing the services and benefits you get as being a Community member. This includes; communicating with you about your workplace, the sector you work in and/or the region you live in, campaigns you may want to be involved in and regular updates on all of our offers, benefits and services to ensure you are making the most out of your membership. We do this all in line with our Rule Book and we go above and beyond our legal obligations.

Protecting your information

We have strict security procedures covering the storage of your information in order to prevent unauthorised access and to comply with the terms of relevant data protection legislation. This means that sometimes we may ask you for proof of identity or for other personal information before we can process your call or enquiry further.

Keeping your information up to date

We work hard to keep your information up to date, and remind you to update your details with us as regularly as possible. You can update your details here.

Who has access?

Community staff and workplace reps will be able to access members information. Your workplace reps won’t receive all of your information – only the information they need to contact you, that you have shared with us.

We won’t sell your information on to third parties. We might use third parties to provide services, like your new membership pack or your regular email communications but we’re always careful about who we work with and how they store your data.

Equalities information

Having accurate equalities data helps us to strive to be better, and hold ourselves accountable. You don’t ever have to answer these questions, but when you do it helps us to understand you – and our overall membership better. This helps us target our resources and support.

Asking for your views

We are a members led union, so asking for your views and hearing about your experiences and ambitions for our union and your working life are important to us. We will contact you throughout the course of your membership to ask you to share your views in surveys and polls.

What about non-members? 

If you aren’t a Community member but have given us your information, we will use this to contact you if you have agreed with union updates and marketing emails. You can always get in touch if you don’t want to receive emails from us.

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