Political upheaval leaves education and early years in limbo

Community: the union for education and early years professionals has expressed its alarm at the latest upheavals to affect the Department for Education (DfE).

Head of Education Policy Martin Hodge said:

“After only nine months, the DfE is facing another period of upheaval because of political instability, with the appointment of the third and now fourth Education Secretary this academic year, and new schools, early years and skills ministers to follow.

“This failure of government has left the education and early years sector without a clear sense of direction at a critical time when stability is needed – with the teachers’ pay review imminent, the  consultation on early years ratios, and ongoing recovery issues from the pandemic.

“We will be seeking urgent meetings with the Education Secretary and other new ministers in the department. We look forward to working positively with them.

“The new Education Secretary and ministerial team face huge challenges, including education recovery, and the recruitment and retention crises in our nurseries, schools and colleges, driven by ongoing issues impacting the pay, conditions and workload of early years professionals, teachers, headteachers and support staff.

“A new direction is needed.

“A massive investment of funding and resources is required from nursery through to tertiary, as well as a reassessment of the whole system – what we learn, how we learn it and how we assess it – to ensure the needs of children, parents and the economy are fulfilled.”

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at help@community-tu.org or on 0800 389 6332.

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